Celebrity Cars: Jennifer Lopez (2014 Bentley Continental GT)


Net Worth: $400 Million
Famous For: Actress, Musician, TV Personality
Car MSRP: $187,500
Top Speed: 192 Miles Per Hour
Miles to The Gallon: 15 City/24 Highway

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Jennifer Lopez is an actress, musician, dancer, and businesswoman from the Bronx, New York. Lopez originally broke into the public spotlight as an actress in the film, Selena. Since then, Lopez has become an influential member of the pop-culture landscape. As an actress, J-Lo has also appeared in such films as Out of Sight, Antz, and Blood and Wine. J-Lo found crossover success as a musician where she has released eight records dating back to 1999.

J-Lo’s Favorite Ride

Jennifer Lopez has had the kind of career that anyone would be jealous of. As a multi-faceted recording artist, J-Lo has become one of the most financially successful entertainers of her generation. With a significant chunk of change to her name, we can’t blame Lopez for stocking her garage with some of the finest cars that money can buy. While Lopez has driven quite a few cars throughout her career, she always comes back around to her 2014 Bentley Continental GT.

If you spend enough time in Hollywood, you are bound to come across your fair share of Bentley’s. If you look hard enough, you might even see Lopez behind the wheel of one. Lopez made headlines when she went to the orchard in her gorgeous, then brand-new 2014 Bentley Continental. With kids in tow, Lopez and her children happily picked pumpkins from the patch to take home for Halloween. Only J-Lo could turn a simple trip to the orchard into a luxurious journey.

Lopez’s 2014 Bentley is actually one of the more popular models of the already popular vehicle. The ’14 Bentley GT features a 4L V8 engine with 500hp and 487lb-ft of torque. With plenty of power beneath the hood, the Bentley Continental GT can do a whole lot more than haul pumpkins home from the pumpkin patch.

Standard features with the GT V8 are numerous, expertly crafted, and deliberately implemented. In Lopez’s GT, you’ll find 20″ alloy wheels, automatic headlines, LED running lights, and parking sensors surrounding the entire vehicle. Other upgrades to the vehicle include ventilated seats that are equipped with massaging capabilities. The audio system inside of the GT V8 may be slightly dated by modern standards, but Lopez no doubt still enjoys jamming her music while rocking the Naim multimedia system.

For Jennifer Lopez, finding a car that matched her style while promoting functionality for her children was obviously important. Fortunately, the Bentley Continental GT features plenty of interior space to go along with all of the safety metrics that are intrinsic to the vehicle. What makes the Bentley Continental GT most impressive for Lopez is the fact that it handles like a regular car. What we mean to say is this, if you were to get behind the wheel expecting something hard to control, you would be pleasantly surprised. The GT V8 drives smoothly and is easy to steer. When you are trying to drop the kids off while dodging the paparazzo, a car that can move easily is probably pretty important.

Inside of Lopez’s Continental GT, luxury is the name of the game. While we’ve already talked about the audio system and the spacious interior, there is plenty more to comment on. Lopez no doubt enjoys the high-quality leather seats and the elegant and rich wood veneers that were crafted from scratch, by hand, at Bentley’s woodworking station. In the center of the dash, Lopez can navigate the luxury infotainment system thanks to a rich display filled with intuitive features.

The Rodriguez-Lopez Car Collection

While Jennifer Lopez is most commonly seen driving her GT V8, that doesn’t mean that she is without other vehicles. Lopez and her hubby Alex Rodriguez have managed to put together quite the collection of upscale cars. For more luxurious adventures with Lopez, look at the other cars that she likes to drive!

Leading the way, J-Lo has been spotted out shopping in Los Angeles with her brand new 2018 Rolls-Royce Ghost. This exotic car is one of the most popular luxury vehicles in Hollywood. The Rolls-Royce Ghost starts at $311,900 for the base 2018 model with significant price changes pending optional upgrades. Inside of the hood, you’ll find a 6.6L V12 engine that cranks out 563hp.

Next to J-Lo’s Rolls-Royce, you’ll find yourself staring down at the Maybach 57 S. While technically belonging to Alex, Lopez has no doubt spent some time behind the wheel of the luxury exotic vehicle. The Maybach 57 S was purchased by A-Rod in 2011 for a price of nearly $300,000. Rodriguez has even appeared in commercials promoting the car for his personal dealership.

Rounding out J-Lo’s impressive collection of upscale cars is the Aston Martin DB7.  If your eyes widened at the mention of the Aston Martin, we don’t blame you. The DB7 is a glorious upscale exotic car known for being a fantastic performer. The Aston Martin’s engine can push 420hp at 5,500 RPMs with 400lb-ft of torque. The DB7 can go zero to sixty in just five seconds. When Lopez isn’t driving around her GT V8, she is probably showcasing her DB7.

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