50 Cars That are Plummeting in Value


#43 – Fiat 500 L

Class: Mini MPV
Production: 2012-Present
Starting Price: $20,995
Depreciation Rate: 35.5%

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Fiat raised the bar in 2014 when it brought production to North America and released the Fiat 500L, a mini MPV with five doors, front wheel drive, and room enough for five passengers. Although Fiat fans had high hopes for the 500L, they were widely disappointed with the new variation, which inspired Fiat to release the 2018 model featuring an interior and exterior facelift. The newest model of the 500L was exactly what drivers were looking for with over 500,000 units in production as of March 2018.

The recent facelift combined with the affordable starting price of $20,995 has increased demand for the Fiat 500L but that doesn’t mean much in terms of depreciation, which is currently at 35.5% after the first year. With the average 500L priced around $22,423, this puts a 12-month-old Fiat 500L at a value of $14,466. Even the true cost to own is high at $38,110 over five years, which is why many experts agree that the Fiat 500L is a better car to buy pre-owned than off the new car lot!