50 Cars That are Plummeting in Value


#44 – Smart Fortwo

Class: City Car, Smart Car
Production: 1998–Present
Starting Price: $14,650+
Depreciation Rate: 36%

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The German car manufacturer, Daimler-Benz, first introduced the SmartCar in 1998 before DaimlerChrysler took over production in 1999 and rebranded it as a “smart city-coupe.” Eight years later, the SmartCar saw Daimler AG take over production and has spent the last decade under what’s now recognized as the largest truck manufacturer in the world where it’s once again been rebranded as the “smart fortwo” after the cooperative venture between Swatch and Mercedes (Swatch Mercedes ART) and its two-person capacity.

Despite Daimler AG’s presence in the automotive industry, the Smart Fortwo doesn’t hold its value well in the market because of its niche market attraction as a green car with outstanding gas mileage but a tiny and claustrophobic interior. Starting at $14,650, the Smart Fortwo has few upgrade options but not even that makes a huge impact with the car worth 36% less than its sticker value after 12 months. That puts a one-year-old Smart Fortwo at a value of only $9,376!