50 Cars That are Plummeting in Value


#7 – Jaguar XF

Class: Executive Midsize Luxury Car
Production: 2007-2015
Starting Price: $47,775+
Depreciation Rate: 15.9%

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Jaguar introduced the XF in 2007 as a new executive midsize luxury car to replace the Jaguar S-Type. Boasting an entirely new design as a four-door saloon or a five-door estate, the XF has gone through four upgrades to include the XR Supercharged, the XFR and the XF Sportbrake. Each upgrade has put the XF at the top of its class with awards as Best Executive Car and Car of the Decade over the last decade. On top of that, it’s starting price is affordable for a luxury car with 2018 models starting at $47,775.

Despite being a luxury car, the Jaguar XF has a low depreciation rate at only 15.9%. For example, new car buyers who purchase an XF for $46,736 can expect to lose only $7,417 of the car’s value after the first year. However, over a total of five years, the true cost to own is fairly high at $62,828. Because of this, the XF is a great car to snag on the pre-owned lot with many 2010 and 2011 models priced at $15,000 or less, which is a steal considering the 300HP V6 or 420HP V8 performance engines, leather interior, advanced safety features, and the Jaguar name itself!