50 Cars That are Plummeting in Value


#48 – Hyundai Genesis

Class: Executive Luxury Sedan
Production: 2008–Present
Starting Price: $41,750+
Depreciation Rate: 38%

First going into production in 2008 as a full-size car, the Hyundai Genesis was named in honor of Hyundai’s entry into the luxury market, but the name has done little to help the line maintain its value in today’s automotive industry. After eight years in production, Hyundai revamped the Genesis and upped its class to an executive luxury sedan in 2013. Over the last five years, the price tag and upgrade options have expanded with starting prices currently between $41,750 and $59,500.

Although Hyundai has the best intentions to offer a more affordable luxury car, well known brands like Mercedes and Lexus are among the most popular and give the Genesis a run for its money. In fact, the Genesis typically loses about 38% of its purchase value after 12 months on the road with used models listed at $36,500 after only a year depending on condition and mileage!