50 Cars That are Plummeting in Value


#13 – Lexus ES 350

Class: Compact (1989-1991), Midsize (1991-Present)
Production: 1989-Present
Starting Price: $38,950+
Depreciation Rate: 20.4%

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With a stellar reputation as one of the leading car manufacturers, Lexus introduced its compact ES model in 1989 to widespread praise. Over the next two decades, the ES evolved into a midsize executive car with six generations introduced into the market featuring V6 engines and front-wheel drive. Now recognized as a reliable executive and luxury car, the Lexus ES calls itself the “Executive Sedan” and the “Elegant Sedan” thanks to its sleek design and effortless handling.

The Lexus ES 350 starts at $38,950 with models averaging around $43,280 depending on upgrade options. However, even with its valued reputation, the Lexus ES 350 can’t avoid depreciation with Edmunds putting the 12-month depreciation rate at 20.4%, which brings the $43,280 price tag down to $34,440 after the first year. Over five years, the ES 350 is expected to depreciate nearly $22,000, which is why many Lexus ES 350 owners are quick to trade as the true cost to own over five years is a whopping $52,586.