50 Cars That are Plummeting in Value


#20 – Lincoln MKZ

Class: Midsize Luxury Car
Production: 2006-Present
Starting Price: $35,605+
Depreciation Rate: 23.5%

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When BMW introduced their 3 Series and Mercedes introduced their C Class into the highly competitive executive sedan segment of the car industry, Ford answered with the release of their Lincoln MKZ in 2006. Now in its second generation, the MKZ underwent a huge facelift in 2017 but failed to impress with a constant decline in sales as experts agree the MKZ fails to compete in the executive market despite its luxurious interior and powerful engine. In fact, the new facelift has ignited a decline in sales with only 27,387 purchases in 2017 compared to 30,534 purchases the year prior.

With the newest 2018 models starting at $35,605, Edmunds reports that a 2017 MKZ comes with a sticker price of $29,791 but loses over $7,000 in value after the first year. The first-year depreciation of 23.5% brings the car’s value down to $22,790 with a true cost to own expense of $41,721 over five years. This means that while new MKZs are luxurious, preowned versions offer the biggest bang for your buck with 2013 models going for under $15,000 with low mileage!