50 Cars That are Plummeting in Value


#21 – Mercedes SL

Class: Sports Car
Production: 1954-Present
Starting Price: $113,025+
Depreciation Rate: 23.8%

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The Mercedes-Benz SL-Class was first released in 1954 as a Grand Prix car tailored to performance enthusiasts in post-war America. The reception was outstanding in the American market and, as a result, the Mercedes SL has been in production ever since as a grand touring sports car with six design generations leading up to the newest facelift in 2017, the revised SL450. Now priced at $113,025, the SL offers the best in luxury and sleek design.

Far from your average roadster, this powerhouse depreciates at 23.8%, which makes it a steal on the pre-owned market. After a year on the road, an SL priced at $113,025 is valued at $85,125. As the car’s value continues to drop over the first five years, SL owners spend around $127,681 on the car itself but even that pales in comparison to other cars on the list! Generally speaking, the SL is a great pre-owned buy with many on the market for under $30,000!