50 Cars That are Plummeting in Value


#23 – Mercedes R-Class

Class: Full Size CUV, Large MPV
Production: 2006-2018, 2014-2018 only in China
Starting Price: $52,690+
Depreciation Rate: 24.3%

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Mercedes-Benz introduced the R-Class in 2006 with the hopes it would lead a new market in the luxury crossover SUV segment. Marketed as a “Sports Cruiser” and a “Family Tourer” with a base price of $52,690, the R-Class failed to impress despite its luxurious interior and reliability. Instead, it was deemed a high-end minivan and was a flop in the American market with production halting in North America in 2014. Over the last four years, the R-Class has been solely produced in China by AM General.

Although the R-Class is extremely spacious and comfortable, the full-size crossover packed a heavy punch with new sticker prices hovering at $52,000. After a year, the R-Class’s value fell to $39,300 with the 2012 models now going for around $21,982. When it comes to the true cost to own over five years, R-Class owners spend an upwards of $57,713 on the car, which is why there are plenty available in the pre-owned market!