50 Cars That are Plummeting in Value


#25 – Chevy Camaro

Class: Pony Car, Muscle Car
Production: 1967-2002, 2010-Present
Starting Price: $25,905+
Depreciation Rate: 24.7%

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“A legend at any speed.” General Motors turned heads in the mid-1960s when they debuted the Chevrolet Camaro as a response to Ford’s new Mustang. Sharing components with the Pontiac Firebird, the Camaro evolved over the next three decades before production stopped in 2002. Reintroduced in 2009, the Camaro is now in its sixth generation with its newest package, the ZL1 1LE, claiming to be three seconds faster with a racing-inspired adjustable suspension and aluminum fields.

Starting at $25,905 and increasing with various upgrades like automatic or manual transmission, the American-made Camaro has a high depreciation rate at 24.7%, which means the original price tag drops to $19,506 after the first 12 months on the road. Over five years, the car loses $13,655 in value and has a true cost to own expense of $41,498. While the numbers are on the high end for one of the most popular muscle cars on the road, there’s a loyal band of Camaro worshippers who care less for the numbers and more for the car itself.