50 Cars That are Plummeting in Value


#26 – Dodge Magnum

Class: Full Size 5-Door Station Wagon
Production: 2005-2008
Starting Price: $23,420+
Depreciation Rate: 25.7%

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Originally designed as a large coupe in the late 1970s, the Dodge Magnum was reintroduced in the new millennium as a spacious rear-wheel drive station wagon. Taking inspiration from the Dodge Charger and the Chrysler 300C, the Magnum featured a sleek profile and shared the same mechanics and platform. Although the Magnum was affordably priced with new sticker prices at $23,420, the hype over the design plummeted after 2005 and led Chrysler to pull the Magnum from production in 2008.

With the market never fully accepting the Magnum as an affordable and sporty station wagon, the Magnum hasn’t held its value over the years, which is why there are so many affordable pre-owned models on the market today. In 2008, new Magnums were priced around $23,000 but saw their value decrease to $17,089 after a year. Today, 2008 models are going for anywhere between $6,000 and $16,000 according to Kelley Blue Book.