50 Cars That are Plummeting in Value


#27 – BMW 328i

Class: Entry-Level Luxury Car
Production: 1975-Present
Starting Price: $42,745+
Depreciation Rate: 25.7%

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BMW first introduced their 3 Series in 1975 as an entry-level luxury car designed to succeed the 02 Series. Over the last four decades, it’s gone through six different generations with convertible, coupe, station wagon, and hatchback body styles that make it BMW’s best-selling model that accounts for 30% of the manufacturer’s total annual sales. As for the BMW 328i, the four-door sedan was introduced alongside the 323i in 1999 with a series of new updates including a new front end, a rounded roof line, and cutout headlights.

By now, you’ve realized that luxury cars tend to depreciate quickly and the 328i is no exception. With sticker prices starting at $42,745 for 2018 3-Series models, Edmunds reports a 2013 328i Coupe sells for $16,267. After the first year, it depreciates by 25.7%, which means the car’s worth after 12 months is $12,086. Over the span of five years, the true cost to own is around $50,000, which is incredibly high for a car that’s worth less and less with each passing year!