50 Cars That are Plummeting in Value


#28 – Cadillac XTS

Class: Full Size Luxury Car
Production: 2012-Present
Starting Price: $46,295+
Depreciation Rate: 26.4%

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The Cadillac XTS was introduced in 2013 as a full size luxury sedan designed to replace the Cadillac STS and the Cadillac DTS. Although General Motors had high hopes for their newest luxury car, the XTS missed the mark and lacked Cadillac’s well-known driving dynamics and the opulence found in previous models. Despite this, Cadillac continues to revamp the XTS in markets across the United States, Canada, Mexico, China and the Middle East where base models start at $46,295.

Although many argue that the XTS isn’t as lavish or as luxurious as Cadillac’s other models, the XTS has a moderate depreciation value of 26.4%. According to Edmunds.com, the average sticker price for a 2017 model is $50,500 with the car losing around $13,000 in value after the first 12 months. Over five years, an XTS owner spends $62,439 on maintenance, financing, fuel and insurance in what Edmunds calculates as the true cost to own value. While the XTS is still fairly new to the market, there are plenty of well-kept pre-owned models available for under $35,000 that make the XTS one of the best deals when it comes to used luxury sedans.