50 Cars That are Plummeting in Value


#30 – Cadillac CTS

Class: Midsize Luxury Car
Production: 2002-Present
Starting Price: $47,990+
Depreciation Rate: 28.2%

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“Every drive extraordinary.” When it comes to luxury, Cadillac is well established as one of the best in its class especially after they debuted the Cadillac CTS in 2002. The midsize luxury and executive car is now in its third generation with its current coupe and sedan configurations making it one of the sleekest sedans in the entire Cadillac line. Add in the new twin turbocharged V6 engine that’s available in the CTS V-Sport and it’s easy to see why Cadillac fans are willing to shell out $47,990+ for the newest CTS on the market.

Praised for its reliability as a road warrior, the Cadillac CTS does moderately well at holding its value with a depreciation rate of 28.2% after the first year. With most Cadillac CTS models averaging around $53,000, this means that a 12-month-old CTS is valued at $38,054, which is fairly high when compared to other luxury car manufacturers. What’s even more impressive is the Cadillac CTS’s fairly low true cost to own expense of $66,639 after five years, which reflects the CTS’s reliability and the lower costs of maintenance and repairs over the car’s first five years on the road!