50 Cars That are Plummeting in Value


#32 – BMW 7-Series

Class: Full Size Luxury Car
Production: 1977-Present
Starting Price: $90,695+
Depreciation Rate: 28.7%

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BMW’s most luxurious sedan is the 7-series, which was first introduced in 1977 as the successor to the BMW E3 sedan. As BMW’s flagship car and the only available sedan in production, the 7-Series is currently in its sixth generation and offers an incredible list of luxury upgrades and features that reflect its $90,695 price tag! So, how does it hold up when it comes to depreciation?

Like most luxury cars, the BMW 7-Series can’t avoid high depreciation rates with current models depreciating by 28.7% after the first year, which puts the new car price tag of $90,000 at a value of $64,170 after 12 months. Edmunds projects the five-year true cost to own expense at $120,000, which isn’t outrageous considering other more expensive luxury cars on our list! Today, pre-owned 7-Series models that are at least five years old are priced around $23,000 with lower mileage models with a complete proof of service history going for $28,000 or more!