50 Cars That are Plummeting in Value


#33 – Hummer H2

Class: Full Size SUV
Production: 2002-2009
Starting Price: $53,286+
Depreciation Rate: 28.9%

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Hardly forgettable and undoubtedly noticeable on the road, the Hummer H2 was first introduced in 2002 by General Motors as a luxury SUV. Despite its poor fuel economy and bulky look, the H2 was praised for its unmatched opulence and was widely popular until the 2008 recession when people simply couldn’t afford the $53,000 price tag and the rising cost of fuel prices. As a result, the H2 was pulled from production in 2009 but has desperately held onto its value over the last decade as the kings of the road.

Priced anywhere between $53,000 and $59,000 when they were first introduced, the H2 is one of the best SUVs to holds it value with many industry experts calculating a slow rate of depreciation at only 28.86%. This means that these gas-guzzling SUVs are still a favorite in the pre-owned market with many available for $20,000 or less. Of course, you’ll likely spend that in fuel, maintenance and insurance over the next five years!