50 Cars That are Plummeting in Value


#38 – Chevrolet Express

Class: Full Size Van
Production: 1995-Present
Starting Price: $31,295+
Depreciation Rate: 30.2%

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Far from being a vehicle that most drivers will ever own, the Chevrolet Express is a full-size cargo van made by General Motors that is popular among businesses and churches that need to haul passengers and cargo. Along with its identical twin, the GMC Savana, the Express has seen numerous updates over the years from interior to engine upgrades with the 2018 model now including a 6.0L V8 gaseous CNG/LPG capable engine as well as modern options like 4G LTE Wi-Fi through OnStar!

With base models priced at $31,295, the Express is far from a luxury vehicle and is all about function. However, business owners are quickly learning that the Express’s true cost to own is nearly double the sticker price with Edmunds projecting a $36,437 Express estimated to have a five-year cost to own expense of $52,706. This includes the 30.2% depreciation rate with the Express losing over $10,000 of its value after the first 12 months on the road. It’s no surprise why many businesses and churches look for pre-owned options since depreciation values dramatically decrease for each year of ownership!